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Thank GOD for the Rt.Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.PhD who freed the

white man from his obsession with Aryan Race & Superiority, of which he was & is neither


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First REAL verifiable video of an Object moving "against a 120 knots headwind" say two USAFpilots, in FA-18 Hornets. We refuse to call this a UFO, means nothing & Gov. has known since 1948"Operation Blue Book" Credit 15/01/2020 New York Times


DION sings "Abraham, Martin & John" Happy MLK Week 20th January 2020


Eddie Murphy "kills 'em" on SNL Re-Emergence. Here's the thing:

It's the first time we've ever seen FIVE Black men on American TV, not in handcuffs. We're

leaving this post a LONG, LONG time.





  #1-As Erdogan notifies forces of the Syrian Free Army, hes pulling out of mediation interference which cost them 80% of land they had controlled, the SFA knocked out 200 troops & 4 Generals  [Hallelujah]

Last couple days Assad planes fly alone,no Russians, 20 more dead, some from Jerusalem Brigade, Aellepo, a construct of Assad, extracted from the Refugee Camp there.

  #2 Street protests in India, Lebanon, Iraq & Iran take the streets & light the NIGHT See

  #3 Boeing 737-Max WhisteBlower Brian Person Blows the lid off Boeing & FAA telling Press 15 Planes would crash

 #4  FISA Secret Court (since 1969) gets a lashing by Adults RE:DOJ IG report,17 wrongful filing's by Government

 #5  Afghan Papers: WaPo discloses Tehran is mounting a summary of charges

  #6  What can be done to settle the intracable case, Man of the Year, Time

  #7  Israel to suffer 3rd Election in 1-Year

  #8  Liz Warren's $2mm in 20 years, political hay, but non-starter

#09  Netanyahu Indicted: Israel schedules 3rd Election in 12 months. His involvement in Murder of Rabin Emerges

#10  Birmingham, AL: Then & Now, on the Path of Martin King [National Holiday Jan.20/2020

#11  Abo Mohamed Hawlani: "Rewards for Justice" program. Your Tax Dollar at work, NOT

#12  IG DOJ, Horowitz and "Steele Report", most true, Ritz Carlton (Moscow) Rumor of Trump not true

#13  "Kids in Cages": Immigration gone insane. ICE must be defanged

#14  Stephen Miller: White Nationalist in The White House

#15  Yellow Star: National ID overrides State's Rights

#16 "What's in a name"? Besides deception, incompetence & Living in Malta? Class-Action Suit

#17  NET-10 & PayPal Pre-Paid Cards sold by Walgreens

#18  Revolt & Unrest: 17 countries

#19  "March on Washington" for PEACE, JUSTICE, EQUAL & CIVIL RIGHTS against POVERTY, OPPRESION & WAR

   JUNE 20/2020

#20   Hong Kong Protests: No Face Masks & The EVIL of Facial recognition

#21 Chinese Muslims in western territory

 #22  Burma under the microscope: Daw Aung Sang Syu Ky question about Rohingya "Ethnic Cleansing"

#23  Don't mix up the "Administrative State" which is a real threat with "Deep State" which is Fake News'     

#24  What is "Vantiv" Merchant Services?

#25  MUST SEE Movies:

#26  Kosher Market Shootout, Jersey City, NJ NYPD provides support (per Mayor Bill DeBlassio)


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