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Photo of workers removing the sign and washing off the filth. 
As you see, the stain of Trump's name is hard to remove.
Update: InnVest LLP takes over BANKRUPT Toronto Trump Tower will have the name removed in a rebranding transition to St. Regis Toronto.
Reports claim room rentals have dropped during period of Trump Presidency to 15-40% occupancy.

Read: OneMileataTime  Bloomberg's take  Daily Hive

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"Taking Down Trump" Sign company removes Logo from Trump Village

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"I shall go to Korea"...Eisenhower.

"We will go to the Moon and beyond.." JFK

Stormy Weather ahead for Trump: As Exotic Dancer and Self-Described "Porn Star" known as 'Stormy Daniels' seeks to break an unsigned Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), repay the $130,000 paid by Trump's lawyer (he claims, from a loan against his house), and go public about her affair 10 years ago, of which she claims photos, and conducted a interview with 60-Minutes.Trump's thugs are trying to enforce the NDA and get a court to serve injunctive relief via a "Prior-Restraint" edict.

After NYT v. Sullivan (Pentagon Papers) did not go Nixon's way, Nixon Redux Trump will also fail, we predict. FYI, no "wrong predictions" in 47 years.

Today's blockbuster encompasses a @MorningJoe interview by Mika with Daniels' Lawyer, where he answered "Yes" as to whether his client had been threatened. "By Donald Trump" she asks. "I will neither confirm nor deny..." Hmm. 'Verbal Threat with Intent to Commit Bodily Harm' is a felony. If True, and Trump got one of his Willy Stark Thugs to do the threat, that's "Conspiracy".

UPDATE Friday, 13th of April

Complete overview of the Warrant executed against Attorney for Trump-Michael Cohen, by Robert Mueller, coming over this week-end.

Trumps' State of Dis-Union: The man masquerading as President, gave a speech to the American people, claiming to speak beyond his 35% base to "know" what the people think or want. He compared a Drug Gang to people brought as children, now in limbo called "Dreamers" of which he said we're all... disqualifying the significance of millions of taxpayers stuck without documents, who know only the USA as their home, facing deportation. The speech was a propaganda clown show, read in a droll tone, slow manner and "BORING Sydney" (As She said to Sid Viscous).

"The Memo": Sadly, we don't trust Devin Nunes, seems assured to be reviled in History as an Enemy of Institutions meant to support civil society. His stunt, in which he acted as if he had "BIG News" for the White House, which turned out to be the source itself, ended what was left of his zero credibility.  Read the New Republic As of today, there are 37 GOP Congressman throwing in the towel before being handed their walking papers by Dems in November.

Trump Bumps into his GIANT EGO: After a joke 55-minute DACA show last week, Donald Duck, the stooge he is, rated his own "Performance", LIED about letters TV Network Execs sent him supposedly arriving within 24 hours, assumedly by CARRIER PIDGEON? He noted all the compliments for the "Performance" which he said he "considers work", #1 it is work, called his JOB. #2 Since he had no idea what the term "Clean Bill" refers to, meaning no "riders", he had not done his homework at all, "Fish out of water."

Our "President" the accidental (Russian hacked) winner of a Slavery-based "Electoral College" has been an embarrassment since ascending from a stolen election. Just one day after his silly sideshow, he scuttles DACA, blackmailing the bill over funding for a joke wall which will deter nobody. He claimed to be flexible with $18BB price tag as some portions have natural terrain and Rivers and Fences already installed which "are in need of repair." This is exactly what he was told before seizing power, but it didn't fit his immigrant-hating narrative.

"Fire & Fury" lights kindling under Trump's Butt: Retaliates against Wolff & Bannon with question of Wolff's credibility and "past" and Tweets that Bannon is a "Slob" (or "Sloppy Steve" same thing), true, but classless. We applaud Wolff and can only note "A Journalist should be judged by the enemies they keep" . IE Seymour Hersch (Pentagon), Michael Hastings (murdered by CIA?), Ana Poriskya (killed by Putin). Networks jumped on the references to Trump as an "Idiot", "Child", "Moron", bored by lessons, details, plans, tutoring, never reads, lacks curiosity, or intellectual curiosity (of which Trump is not capable). Remember, every Dictator starts with discrediting them 1st. Bannon, Miller, and entire SCUM-sucking crowd Trump surrounded himself with are worthless Fascist crap. They are not even on par with RepublicRats, the two-headed political monster, comprised of Dems & ex-Repubs.

Drain the Middle-Class to Finance "The Swamp": "Congress passes "Tax Scam" aka "Robin Hood in Reverse" Tax Win 2017, kicked out 2018? More coming "They Horse-traded among themselves and their big Donors" says Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA on Chris Hayes'  MSNBC

Jerusalem or Bust: Trump stirs ambers, relights sparks of religious fire as he recognizes Jerusalem as Capitol of Israel, breaking previously negotiated agreements with Palestinians- predicate to PLO recognition of Israel- is that no pre-conceived notion of the future base for either's State would be assumed, and it would be held for final stage negotiations. Trump's pre-emptive action, (recognizing Jerusalem and the de-facto Capitol of Israel) precludes this move as a bargaining chip, for either side.

Violence is never desired, or even predicted as Fait d'acompli or self-fulfilling prophesy, yet, having viewed the response to provocative actions before in three "Intifada", it is not a far row to see protests emerging now (all over Lebanon, Syria, Saudi, USA, Palestine, Israel, Oman, Iraq..) and any violence which follows. This is all on Trump and Netanyahu, their arrogance unmatched, except by each other.

Palmer Report writes of Jared in Saudi few weeks ago & what happens as he exits? Can it be a Royal Round-up, starting with most-well known, Al-Waleed bin Talal, owner of Fox, 4 Seasons, Citibank & more, held incommunicado, under house arrest, in the Luxurious Ritz-Carlton? Or did he message on behalf of Donald, for Saudi release IPO of Aramco on NYSE? Russia & Saudi, lower production, raise prices? Read about it here: The Palmer Report More on this topic from The Washington Post

Why did Saad Harrari quit as PM of The Lebanon (while in Saudi), then take back his job once back home? Do you have inside details? Send them here

UNHCR Volunteers & Donate

Two polls have Trump hovering at 32% Popularity, Pew puts Disapproval at 63%. "Accidental Usurper-Minority-Presidency" is the most polite description of a guy who lost the popular vote by millions, governs to his minority, subjects citizens to bend to his will, through tyranny and bullying.

Rohing'ya challenge Su Kyi's promise for Burma: When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, Su Kyi reached the pinnacle of global honour and respect, having sustained a peaceful protest against the ruling Junta since 1989. But shortly thereafter, the long-simmering dispute in the north nearest the border along Bangladesh, with a mostly Muslim minority called Rohing'ya, of whom the Ruling majority, now under Military and Su Kyi's direction are accused of engaging in "Ethnic Cleansing". Since posted, 2 Reuters Journalists have been arrested and charged under 1923 British Colonial Rule with violating its "Official Secrets Act", facing 14 years  Su Kyi turned out to be blind to her own country's deception, making pathetic, indefensible assertions about the Muslim Minority.

REVELATION (Full Disclosure) We met Daw Aung Sang Su Kyi in 1999, on invitation from the Burmese Government, arranged by the Israelis. We (High Technology International) had meetings with agents of Sr. Gen. Tien Shwaye, the leader of the Heroin Dealing Junta, dreaming of a G.E. Electric Power Plant, including Min. of Electricity & Min. of Energy, both speaking fine English. Neither knew our attitude, nor intention to lobby for Su Kyi's release from a decade under house arrest, as predicate for doing an Energy deal. The leverage was there to use.

After leaving, a United Nations rep. named Ismael, ("Call me Ishmael") arrived in Burma and cut the same deal we had negotiated, Su Kyi was free, for whatever it turned out to be worth. Law of unintended consequences? Why call it BURMA when they decided to call it Myanmar? Because Su Kyi used to say "Don't call it Myanmar until I am free" and yet her release did not "Free" her, she is still a prisoner of her "Fears & Desires" (See J. Krishnamurti, Indian Philosopher).

Undermine Federalism? Start with nominees to the Federal Court: 3 rejected as not qualified by ABA Standardsa

Trump on Trump, please 'stop me before I out myself', followed by my lawyer claiming HE wrote the Tweet.

Conyer's Resign, how many men must fall? Why Trump & Moore exempt?

"Tea for the Tillerson": About the ongoing fuss, promulgated by the MSM (link to MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle), attempting to highlight the riff between the guy who ran "Dirty-Energy Exxon", and the "Dirty Guy" who ran the thieving Trump Organization-(unpaid employees, vendors, FAKE UNIVERSITY) Read NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's various cases against Trump and Preet Bharara, US Attorney for NY, (CNN Video and HERE, WNYC Podcast) fired for asking too many questions about Russia, and lack of Trump "Psychophantia". [New word in the era of Narcissism, False Prophets & Delusion along with "Trumpism" a phrase we coined]

UPDATE: Tillerson under threat of firing for his previous comments. Asked at a photo Op, Trumps says "He's here, Tillerson is here". Statement of fact, not a refererence to his future. But then, Trump's own future is in doubt after Flynn's GUILTY PLEA. This whole matter is clouded in mystery regarding Jared and a UN Security Council vote against Israel & illegal Settlements, that's the real question. Will  Comey be vindicated? He tweets "But let Justic, roll down, like mighty waters..." from The Bible.

"Kelly's Greatest Hits" comes out of Little Donny's lying mouth, in a ridiculous comment from the Man-Child, that Kelly said Chief of Staff job was best..." No doubt an absolute and complete LIE. Lying Donny also said Kelly would be there all "7 years". Hmm, he's yet to make it through  to year ONE. [Speaking of Little Donnie, not same, Marie Osmond is dead at 57]

In what amounts to the worst "Home-Grown Terrorist" attack by a single individual in US History, Las Vegas was the scene of Murder and Mayhem, as a lone shooter-(Stephen Paddock) from the 32nd Floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Hotel, shot in downward angle, 350 ft. into a crowd of 22,000 below (at 400 yards distance by direct line of site), attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival Concert. [Story Developing] 58 Dead (plus the Killer) and 400-500 injured. (This number has changed as Police admitted some double-counting). The issue arised of an adapter which changes a semi to automatic, called a "Bump Stock".

Issues which arise? Semi-Automatic Legal. Machine Gun Automatic Illegal but acquired. IF this was ISIS, worst attack since 9/11, 18+ Weapons found in the Killer's room, but-nobody noticed, Maid? US Congress about to approve Silencers"? Attempt to justify SWAT Teams? Argument against Pentagon giving municipalities Military-Grade weapons, just came up with Trump & Sessions pushing FOR return from Obama ban.

"Equifax had a Patch" claims the USA Today headline. But was it implemented before 148 Million Personal files were hacked? Nope. Watch the Hearings where Predator Equifax lies through their teeth...Speaking of Morons.... Hopefully, Class-Action suits & Jail-time awaits them

Sweden kills Bogus charges against Assange, leaves UK to do bidding of US Intel, as they have, illegally for years ...NSA for GCHQ and GCHQ for NSA Read Financial Times

The Washington. Post counts 586 lies in 6 months, Trump record

EPA under internal Civil War-Orwell reigns supreme in hall's of EPA. Scott Pruitt fully qualified to undermine and interfere with legal obligations of the Agency he runs. Internal mumblings? "Dark Days Ahead" have already arrived.

Robert Reich Right As Always (Mostly): Read his Twitter Feed today for a Top 10 list of reasons Trump's travels overseas will NOT be a respite from wilting coverage, but maximized, as EU hates him more than 63% Americans who want him out @RBReich


What do we demand? DEMOCRACY (The way WE define it) When do we demand it? NOW. And NOT Anonymously  :)

Comments from Josh Earnest, Press Sec. for Obama, from a post-election White House Press Briefing. (Watch on C-Span) Remarkable reply to question RE: Russian hacking to destabilize American democracy and tilt election results in Trump's favor?  John Bolton, former UN Secretary under George Bush, Iran & Russia Hater and conspiracy theory devotee' asserted on Fox Fake News that the Russia Hacking issue was an Obama "False Flag" assumedly he meant like Cheney's '11th of September' or Johnson's 'Gulf of Tonkin'.  Bolton, known as an unstable neo-fascist, left the UN under Clouds in 2006. Earnest said he rejected that the "U.S. in any way" was involved regarding propositions by a "wide-range of Conspiracy Theorists".  Read it here

Russian Roulette: The 35-Page Memo

[Editors Note: Since its release, this document has proven itself be credible, the former MI-6 author, reputation intact, emerges unscathed]

Did you have a link to the "Scandalous, Fake News, Garbage" (as Mr. Trump called it),also know as the allegations collected about Donald J. Trump by Russians and Orbis (Investigative firm) and MI6 retired agent? You know "Three little Birds upon my window"(Beatles)? Now meet "35 little pages in your browser" We might have just linked to BuzzFeed, but we are concerned that this Doc might mysteriously be wiped. Server or Cloud. Only redundancy prevents this, USA and Offshore.

Consider the document, its source, their motives, financial or political. Re-think, in this context, the statements by Intel community, by Pewton, Obama/Biden, and the fact that Chris MI6 went into hiding yesterday? Consider the issues about remote control (Manchurian Candidate), Sexual Compromise, Financial indebtedness and project joint-ventures,in Russia or CIS. You will find enough data, rumor, fact and fiction to come to your own conclusions.

CLICK HERE to read the Dossier (18.9mb in pdf format) from Ben Smith of Buzzfeed, a journalist's Journalist

WE HAVE READ IT.... (over and over, detail by detail, innuendo by fact but many crap)

Much is verifiable, on the surface, simple matches between action taken over here, by  Trump or the campaign and claims in the documents, from months earlier. lol We are thinking of the replacement of Corey Lewandowski with Paul Manafort, a Ukraine Advisor, as Campaign Manager, and then mediation at the UN for a new Russia Policy, a violation of the Logan Act, while Corey deflects to CNN, shilling on-air for Donald, then quits and goes back. This stuffcan' be made up, you'd go to a Publisher and they'd laugh you out of the office.

Now comes Miss Universe contestant Arka Satat from Hungary (2013 in Russia) who has The Donald's business card, which she says he gave her, along with the name of his hotel in Moscow and room number. at Russia contest. get it? See our Tweets on this. She declined and said he was charming, aside from grabbing her arm. Her boyfriend was there, and photographer. She didn't take him seriously, she says now, (noting they had 40 years between them too). She's quoted by 444.hu, as saying "He wasn't my type"  (See Tweet below and links and card photo)

Abraham, Martin & John (and Bobby)(from the Dion 1968 Folk Song classic) about struggle days and Icons Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr.--> JFK  and brother Bobby. Segment from Thomas Evans, posted to YouTube. Thanks Reminds us all that denigrating the 60's era of expanded personal freedom, hopes to end war, start of environmental awareness and protections, expanded civil rights... was a GREAT time.


MLK Holiday January 20th, took 3 major protests, years of struggle and still, many States do not recognize, companies do not close.(and DC Police undercounted protesters, as usual) Money or RACISM? The "John" could have just as easily been reference to Rep. John Lewis (D Atlanta) who said he was no attending the Inauguration and (like Millions), did not consider Trump's election, Legitimate, on Chuck Todd's MPT Daily As of this posting [Sat. 14th 17:15] 16 Congresspersons are not attending, all Dems.


Michael Moore Tweets 6 reasons he agrees with Lewis:  Facebook https://t.co/tV7VFihdyq


"Rabin's Last Day" Lincoln Center [Tickets] Released Jan 30th, this Docu-Drama tells the story of the last hours of Israel's Peace PM, Yitzhak Rabin, murdered after a Rally, 21 years ago, November 5th..

Rabin's Last Day

Courtesy WhiteHouse.Gov "Obama on Refugees, not Fugees" they are a Band

President Barack Hussein Obama II postulates on American Tradition of being a country of Immigrants & Refugees [G20 Summit Turkey]

Eco Marine introduces a Ship-Bound Solar Backup Battery: A Lead-Acid Revolution?

Eco Marine Solar Battery
Marine Link.Org "Maritime Global News"

Are you a "Truth Seeker?"
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CIA Torture Trail

 Free Speech in America? Read the trumped-up "Case Against John Lennon"? Discover just how much the United States Government considered him an existential threat to Endless War-then Vietnam-along with Robert Kennedy & the Right Reverend, Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (our 3 heroes). "Free Speech"? You may pay with your life.

Powell lies to the UN (meaning the whole world)            Bush (the puppet) fronting Cheney (puppetmaster)          Blair, the clown, who prayed with Bush on bent knee for "Crusade" & lied about it (Downing St Memos)
Ads for Russian TV, tool & mouthpiece for Vladimir, still makes a point about Censorship as these ads were censored

Pentagon wastes $500,000,000 on G22 (Italian NATO) Cargo planes, just sold for scrap by Afghan's AF for $32,000. Even worse, we had to find the truth from the BBC.   Which General made this stupid blunder? We do not know (yet). The report states that the planes were not capable of handling the sand & dust and were useless, sitting  on the tarmac collecting  their own dust.

Kill the Messenger, Nick Schou                   "Dark Alliance", Gary Webb

Speaking of "Kill the Messenger" Movie,
the story of Gary Webb and his investigative reporting for the Sacramento Bee, which cost him his credibility & job, and life (2004), once CNN & most Lamestream Media crucified him for telling the truth, has finally come out in Cinematic brilliance.

What did he claim? That the CIA used the Mena, Arkansas Airport (under Gov. Bill Clinton), to have Pilot Barry Seal, ("nice guy, funny guy" according to handlers), now disappeared, to run Guns down to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and bring back Coke, which ended up as Crack on the streets of LA. 
Outrageous story? You best believe it, but not as outrageous as the actions by Criminals Reagan, Bush & Ollie North. Remember Ollie, who ran the rescue mission, under Jimmy Carter, (failed or sabotaged?), to retrieve American hostages in Iran, and later became Reagan's National Security Advisor. Forgot the "October Surprise"? Read the List of Secrets and realize that all three committed acts of Treason

Battersea, London. [Artist rendering of site for housing the new U.S. Embassy].
Battersea, London (New USA Embassy site) Terry Farrel & Partners Architect via In-Security.EU

Rendering of 'Embassy Gardens' by Terry Farrell and Partners Architects (via www.In-Security.eu Magazine)

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Germany's 'Alex Springer', giant Publishing House (200 publications), "calls out" Google's Eric Schmidt & Facebook's Zuckerberg for their Totalitarian assertions, reminiscent of East German Stasi, that "those with nothing to fear, have nothing to hide" (Weasels), and should have no concerns of online Spying by them or Microsoft, Yahoo, DropBox, Picassa et al. We Libertarian (little L, not the 'Paul Party') realists, know much better, simply put,  none of these firms can be trusted any longer-at all. Time to change Search Engines, eMail and Browsers and give these trolls there comeuppance! Read the Truth in the UK's Independent and ask yourself why it takes a German to tell brainwashed Americans the obvious, which their own Fathers' had fought  in Germany (called WWII) to protect & defend against EVER coming to American shores....Fascism.

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